Is PUBG Mobile worth playing?

A lot of people have been faithful fans of the PC version of PUBG. These individuals have had the same doubts in their minds. Is PUBG mobile worth playing? Yes, it definitely is. To make you understand, here is a comparison between the mobile and the PC version. Read through it to understand how good the mobile version of the game is.

The mobile version is F2P

Most players love to play free games. The reason is that they entertain the players without getting any money from them. PUBG Mobile is a free mobile game that continues to win the hearts of gamers. You can gain a better edge over other players using the in-game purchases here. Do you feel you don’t need that sort of advantage? Then, you will be fine playing without having to spend a penny at all. However, you can use a pubg hacks to play the game without any spending.

The game does feature different gameplay modes such as Solo, Squadplay, and Duo. The game now has only one map available, the Russian island map – Erangel. The Miramar map has already hit the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile. So, players can expect it to come very soon to the international version. The developers have done a good job of adapting the Erangel map to the mobile version. So, you can expect the same for the Miramar map.

Yes, you read it right. The PUBG Mobile version has a better map than its PC counterpart. How is it better? For one, it has the range indicators that show the squad members’. The same applies to the marker’s location as well. It makes navigation a lot easier. Also, while you land, the map shows the path the plane will take. You will see the same in dotted line. It is another feature, which is absent on the PC version.

Easier lower levels mean new players will be able to acclimatize with the controls. Further, the gameplay is a lot better. Why is it easy? Maybe, it is because most of the players are first timers. Even, it may be because they are in fact bots. The PUBG Corporation has made no official statement about bots. But, you can assume that they are a part of the gameplay. It holds true, particularly, in the lower levels considering how easy it is.

Thankfully, the vehicle controls are a lot easier in the mobile version of the game. It is comparatively better than the PC version.

What Should You Know About Hack Tools?

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